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The Duke of Cambridge and Prince Harry joined their father for the service, and the Queen sent a message . She told the people of Canada it was important to "remember and honour those who served so valiantly and who gave so much". And she added: "On this day a century ago, thousands of Canadian soldiers stood far from home together with their allies in defence of peace and freedom." Thousands of Canadians mark battle's anniversary The events on Sunday began with a ceremony attended by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and French President Francois Hollande. About 25,000 people, including relatives of those who fought in the battle, also attended the commemorations at the Canadian National Memorial on the battlefield near Arras. Image caption Prince Charles said the battle showed "Canada at its best" Addressing them, Prince Charles said the Allied soldiers who died at Vimy Ridge "set an extraordinary example of selflessness for our future generations" "This was, and remains, the single bloodiest day in Canadian military history," he said. "Yet Canadians displayed a strength of character and commitment to one another that is still evident today. "They did not waver. This was Canada at its best. The Canadians at Vimy embodied the true north, strong and free." Image copyright PA Image caption Boots were laid at the site on Sunday to represent the Canadians killed in battle Vimy Ridge was an engagement during the Battle Of Arras, which lasted from 9 April to 16 May 1917 and involved British, Canadian and Australian troops. About 159,000 allied troops were killed, wounded or missing in the Battle of Arras.

1 in the same paper. Old School: Life in the Sane Lane, which was co-written with James Bond author and humorist Bruce Feirstein, was released on March 28, and earned the top spot on the New York Times Bestsellers List in the nonfiction category. Its described as a defense of old school traditional values versus snowflakes. Julie Bosman, a national correspondent for the Times, noted the achievement on Twitter,posting a snapshot of the list for the April 16 edition of the paper. Also Read: Bill O'Reilly Dominates Tuesday Ratings Despite Sexual Harassment Claims Bill O'Reilly's new book, "Old School," an examination of American values, just debuted at #1 on the NYT bestseller list. pic.twitter.com/pCAyRoiKPg Julie Bosman (@juliebosman) April 5, 2017 An expanded synopsis seen at Barnes and Noble breaks it down a bit more, saying itll explain the confrontation between the old school, which OReilly clearly has a bias towards, and snowflakes, who look for something to get outraged about, every single day. Time to take a stand. Old School or Snowflake. Which will it be? it says. Also Read: Nice Tweets, Bill O'Reilly, But We're Not Ready to Go Back to Normal The book came out just days before a damning New York Times report that said OReilly and the network have paid out $13 million to five women who accused the longtime host of sexual harassment or inappropriate behavior. While many have spoken out against OReilly including a number of brands that have pulled advertising from the show the scandal hasnt hurt his show in the short-term.

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