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Healing crystals, astrology and tarot enter the mainstream

crystal Radiance 2 Brock was 15. The tarot is a pack of playing cards that originated in 15th century Europe. Historians believe the cards were first used for games and later adopted for divination purposes. For much of his life, Brock, who owns Lancaster Marionette Theatre, did casual readings for his friends. About 10 years ago, he met someone who was passionate about tarot, and it revived his interest. Brock now offers readings by appointment in the theater. He burns incense and plays gentle music to create a calming atmosphere for the reading. He stresses that tarot isn’t fortune telling or some other psychic practice. Rather, he says a tarot reading is highly dependent on the energy of the reader and the open- mindedness of the individual being read. “It’s not going to predict your future.

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