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As the head of the embassy until Branstad arrives, it was Rank’s responsibility to deliver a formal notification of the U.S. intention to withdraw from the climate pact . According to a State Department official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to be more candid, Rank was unwilling to deliver the demarche. He told his staff that as “a parent, a patriot and a Christian,” he could not in good conscience play a role in implementing President Trump’s decision to withdraw, according to a colleague familiar with Rank’s comments. Rank’s resignation was a display of the diplomatic unease over Trump’s decision to exit the Paris accord. Under the Obama administration, climate change was incorporated into the daily business of diplomacy at every level, and Rank was known for his personal concern about the environment. Career diplomats like Rank have been overseeing embassies around the world because of how slowly the Trump administration has been nominating political appointees as ambassadors. [ Trump already has taken the U.S. ข่าวด่วน มติชน out of the climate game] “Mr.

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